BIZSTIX® Paper Pagemarker with Cover

reference no. 1405000540
Cover: 4/4-colored Euroscale print,
265 g/m² glossy chromo sulfate board,
2x grooved, rounded corners Paper Pagemarker: 4 different colors, 50 strips each in signal or pastel colors, Size approx. 18 x 50 mm
paper marker signal 4 stripes
paper marker signal 4 stripes
paper marker pastell 4 stripes
production time:
standard (14 working days)
standard (14 working days)
1000 pcs.
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shipping possible for the 16/01/2020
These dates are valid if you order, pay and approve the design today:

Production start: 16/12/2019
Shipping Date: 15/01/2020
Delivery date (standard): 20/01/2020
Delivery date (express): 16/01/2020 *

* The delivery date can only be assured with the express delivery!
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