Cotton Carrier DINE

reference no. 110080200
Product Description
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Size: aprox. 38 x 42 cm
Printed Area: aprox. 29 x 29 cm
Material: 100% Cotton
One long handle: aprox. 2,5 x 80 cm
Seams: interior overlock stitching
Bag colour:
light grey
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Benefits and advantages
Our cotton bag Dine is a pretty perfect carrier bag.
You can easily shoulder it by its one long handle and due to its generous dimensions (38 x 42cm), there is plenty of room to carry your belongings or any item you wish to transport.

Like all high quality cotton bags, Dine has interior lock stitching that make it a reliable shopping companion. Dine is a 100% cotton bag and it its dyed version comes in many charming colours. Maybe we even have a bag that matches the colour of your corporate design? Whichever colour you choose, we make sure your print will look lovely and your customers will love using this bag - and of course, carry your publicity to whereever they may go.
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