Manufacturer’s Label

The German Product Safety Act (effective as of Dec. 2011) states that any consumer product must be marked with a manufacturer’s label and if given an identification number (e.g. article number). This means that the manufacturer’s or the EEA importer’s full name and an adequate mailing address must be placed on the product. The sole indication of an email address, P.O. box or an internet address is not sufficient. Placing the manufacturer’s label on the packaging is only permitted if otherwise impossible. Infringements will be fined and met with sanctions. The manufacturer mentioned on the product assumes all resulting liabilities towards the market surveillance authority.

Examples of how our manufacturer’s label looks like on our products are given below. Further, you have the choice to replace our labeling with your own name and mailing address.

We offer you the following options:
  1. stickynotes24 manufacturer’s label:
    All options are adjusted to the product and type of placement and can be found in the data specifications. You may also contact us discuss this matter with us directly.
  2. Your print data contains your name and mailing address and identifies you as product manufacturer:
    If you authorize the printing of your address you will be rated as manufacturer and thus have to assume all resulting liabilities. We ask you to inform your customer beforehand if you are planning the labeling with their address. We review the completeness of the mailing address with the data check, yet this does not include a check of deliverability.
    Following formatting is permitted: "Manufacturer, Company Name, Street & Street No., Country – Postal Code & City, Internet Address"

Our Manufacturer’s Label

Download our data specifications for the generation of a manufacturer’s label on your desired product. We will show you how the manufacturer’s label is applied and what it looks like on the respective products.

data specifications for the manufacturer’s label [PDF]
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Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions concerning the German Product Safety Act or the placing of the manufacturer’s label.
Our customer consultants would like to help you, simply call: 00 49 52 32 – 96 37 00.
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