Sticky Notes with Special Cover

More effect for your
quality promotional material!

Choose your BIZSTIX® Sticky Notes with special cover:

Cover with double-sided high-gloss varnish!
Cover with silver chrome mirror effect!!
Cover with mother-of-pearl effect!
Cover with matt dispersions varnish!
Cover with metallic glitter effect!

Sticky Notes supplied by the manufacturer

Create your customized Sticky Notes in a blink

A professional layout ensures that your customized Sticky Notes trigger the desired effect. For this purpose notizblock24 offers you assistance in the form of data sheets for the configuration of print data. We also offer you our support via email and by phone. Just follow the subsequent regulations for the configuration of your print data:
  • print data image resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • print data must be generated in CMYK mode
  • print data should be compiled as PDF file
  • with marginless print: print image must overlay the format edge by 3mm (edge trim or bleed margin)
  • print with free edge: elements should keep 4 mm edge distance
If you are creating a layout for Sticky Notes with special colors such as Pantone or HKS, please generate your print data in CMYK mode nonetheless, as the colors will be saved as spot colors. You can find detailed specifications and sketches in the according print data sheets beneath:

What good Sticky Notes
look like

High-End Print

  • Brilliant UV offset printing for even more beautiful colors
  • High resolution printing: pin sharp print images as a result of a 120 screen (300 lpi)
  • Full surface printable without any loss in quality

Adhesive Force

  • Excellent adhesive force on nearly any dust-free surface (except for siliconized surfaces)
  • Clean detachment leaving no sticky residue behind
  • BIZSTIX Sticky Notes are repeatedly reusable
  • A pleasant scent instead of glue odor


  • No curving when peeling off BIZSTIX Sticky Notes
  • Due to SoftRelease technology the evenness retains
  • No glue residues on the front sides
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