Tri-Star Transparent Ballpen

reference no. 1310010148
Ballpoint pen with ergonomic triangular shape. Barrel
and clip in high gloss transparent colors. Quality ultra
refill. Gel ink refill optional.
Colour variant:
Ananasgelb (3210)
Ananasgelb (3210)
Mangogelb (3505)
Clementine (3547)
Feuerrot (3609)
Kirschrot (3634)
Rubinrot (3630)
Magenta (3806)
Pflaumen-Lila (3903)
Ozeanblau (4333)
Royalblau (4303)
Caribicblau (4110)
Türkis (4127)
Limonengrün (4031)
Grasgrün (4070)
Smaragdgrün (4044)
Smokegrau (4507)
shaft print:
1 colour
1 colour
2 colours
3 colours
4 colours
ink colour:
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shipping possible for the 24/12/2019
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Production start: 18/11/2019
Shipping Date: 23/12/2019
Delivery date (standard): 26/12/2019
Delivery date (express): 24/12/2019 *

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